Story of Hero Dick Tiger, WHF Global President


World Heroes Foundation has undergone a lot of transformation since its inception in the year 2014. We are composed of a world-class team that strives to tackle one of the biggest commitments of all time to be able to Improve the lives of those in need, care for & feed the street Children and set up Hero Villas and Estates for the exemplary HEROES in the world today. As a result we shall grow from a small village into a reputable World Class Foundation.

I have never lacked the confidence. When I was younger, I went through the Olympics in 1972 Munich Germany and became the first African to introduce professional boxing in Scandinavia Denmark.

People always tried to either put me down or tear me down and force me to retire due to my rapid shoulder Injuries. I did not let the negative energy get to me hence I kept on boxing and ignored them. I had the last laugh as and now I’ve made it and I’m reaping the benefits of that perseverance.

Everybody loves a Hero and never in my life have I been this publicly big. It have been the greatest achievement in my entire life to go through my career as a professional boxer. The satisfaction is just overwhelming. I was the best. I always dreamed that I will one day be the best! It was up to me to stick to my calculated principals to be what I wanted to be and be able to assist people in need and guide the youth of the world. β€œMay Jehovah Jirre bless His given words to me’ in the Name above all Other Names Jesus Christ. β€œ

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