Street to School – Back to Community


Our Vision: To be the first Foundation to grapple with the Heroes/Heroines problems on a scale that threatens our resource base and human comfort. When it comes to the prevalence of, unforgotten reticent, discrimination and stigma to the Street Heroes of the First Generation & Future in Kenya and Other Nations within the World.

We will provide a healthy residential environment for 250 former street children in Kenya to thrive and grow by providing education and medical care, and life skills and vocational-entrepreneurship training.
Our aim is to develop a new generation of leaders for Kenya through spiritual, cultural & socio-economic revival. We believe that children are the future and hope for Kenya. Our vision is to see every child & young person in Kenya is given an equal opportunity in life. We Provide an education for needy Kenyan children by Expanding Opportunities.
We Enable children in Kenya, especially orphans and street children, to attend school by directly providing school uniforms, shoes, fees, tuition, desk, textbooks, school supplies, and/or school lunches.
We will also provide for other 650 street children across the Counties in Kenya who are victims of HIV/AIDS, orphaned, neglected, abandoned  and are physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically and educationally in need for facilitation to transits off the streets back into the community.
We invite all Kenyans of goodwill and every person of the World who believe in Humanity to participate and make this program possible. In future we plan to offer them lunch in 3star Hotels during Kenya key holidays like Jamuhuri, Mashujaa & Christmas days to make them feel like other normal children.
This Unique (WHF) Program has put a smile and a new life to the poor neglected & abandoned Kenyan street children and a reason to dream again.
We are indeed working tirelessly & endlessly to empower and rebuild the street children family…only possible with your participation!!