Organization Structure

WHF is a registered International NGO under the governance and policy guidance of a founder Board of Directors, advisory by a special World/National Heroes Accreditation Committees, management & coordination supervision of Pioneer Directors; Administrative Managers; and a Principal Professional Management Consultancy, and draws membership and staffers from accomplished heroes, promising young talent, and the various heroes’ networks.

WHF has four distinct classes of directors under the following categories: (i) Founder Director; (ii) Pioneer Directors; (iii) Hero Directors; and (iv) Ex-officio Voting Directors. The Board of Directors consist of at least six (6) and no more than thirteen (13) directors. A full board of thirteen (13) is constituted by one (1) Founder director, five (5) Pioneer Directors, three (3) Hero Directors, and four (4) Ex-officio Voting Directors. Within these limits, the board may increase or decrease the number of directors serving on the board, including for the purpose of staggering the terms of directors. The Board sets policies related to Programming areas, Geographic & Partnership focus, Revenue, Spending, Investment, Grant-making, Management, Operational, Governance and Professional standards, Internal and Independent audits, and Compensation and Performance reviews. The NGO also does institute a process to annually evaluate the performance of the Board, Board Committees and Individual Directors.

WHF’s secretariat is under the management & coordination supervision of Pioneer Directors; Administrative Managers and a Professional Management Consultant. Management is Eight (8) member team, complemented by a Principal Professional Management Consultant comprising: Three (3) Pioneer Directors, five (5) Administrative Managers, and Principal Management Consultant as follows:

  1. Pioneer Directors: Executive Director; Operations Director; and Finance Director
  2. Administrative Managers: Finance; Human Resource; IT; Communications; and Certified Public Secretary
  3. Principal Management Consultant: COMMUNITY VISION, a multisectoral social business development and management consultancy

WHF shall have a World/National special committee: a 10 Member, World Heroes Accreditation Committee (WHAC) and devolved equivalent National special committees: 10 Member, National Heroes Accreditation Committee (NHAC) per Country. Each member of the World/National special committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors from among accomplished heroes and heroines who have demonstrated exemplary institutionalized service and expertise spanning sectors: Education, Business, Civil Society, Government, Media, Environment, ICT, Sports, Music & Performing Arts, and Philanthropy. These committee’s advice offers Board of Directors an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of core heroes’ interests as well as an area of the NGO’s overall Programmes. Plans are currently underway to establish a National Heroes Accreditation Committee (Kenya).

WHF is primarily financed through: Net Social business Income; Event Fundraisers; Endowment Interest Income; and Membership Subscriptions. Secondary sources of income includes: Philanthropy/Government grants; and dollar supported project fund.

WHF staff designate remunerable individuals who, after a probationary/volunteering/apprenticeship period, are given ongoing assignments, either part-time or full-time, and are remunerated on a monthly basis. They will be contracted on long-term basis subject to periodic evaluations & performance assessments, will have responsibility towards day to day or week to week functioning and/or in any one or more ongoing/prospective projects of the NGO.  All the staff of the NGO are classified into 4 distinct categories: Management; Programmes; Investments; and Administration & Operations. More details on staffing are provided for in HR MANUAL.